Thursday, November 15, 2012

The UCI might be a Bag of Dicks

It's been a pretty big week for the UCI.

"AIGLE, Switzerland (VN) — Julien Carron will step down as technical coordinator at the Union Cycliste Internationale at the end of November, according to press reports.
Carron has been central to the world governing body’s equipment-approval program, which is essentially a mandatory pre-production check on equipment to ensure that it is UCI-legal before it ever rolls off the assembly line, thereby reducing start-line confusion for racers and commissaires."

The Approval Stickers are mandatory however even riders sporting bikes with those stickers will have to have their position checked, their clothing checked, their bikes weighed, and checked to make sure there are no motors in the seat tube, all before giving mandatory blood/urine/semen samples. The "Approved" stickers (which cost well over $10,000 per frame design) amount to nothing more than UCI masturbation.
"Beginning in January 2013, forks will have to be approved along with their corresponding frames. The UCI cited difficulty in checking frames where the fork as been changed out, and the increasing number of time trial bikes being sold with illegal forks on an otherwise legal frame."

"Hey you peeing in the cup, is this the original fork or did you perform some kind of magic? "
-Some Asshole

I have created my own logo that I encourage any small frame builder to use for free, especially those builders that cannot afford the $10,000 price tag.
Peace out Mr Carron

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